Trust Classic BG-3680Cp Notebook Carry Bag Review

Since many years of experience Trust has bring forth the reputation of manufacturing attractive and affordable laptop cases with a first class quality. The Trust 17” Notebook Carry Bag Classic BG-3680CP is a stylish and easy to use bag that can place in a 17 inch notebook much comfortably. A great value for money, this bag does the job for what you ought to pay.


The first thing you will notice about the Trust 17 inch Notebook Carry Bag Classic BG-3680CP (Product Code: 15649) is its simplicity. A very casual and neat bag this weighs much light and is easy to use along. The exterior dimensions are about 4.5 x 41.3 x 31.5 cm and this is a compact storage and carry bag suitable for laptop sizes up to 17.4 inches. It not only provides space for your notebook but also they are capable of holding all the other peripherals that come with your laptop. Being made of a high quality fabric it ensures strength and durability as well. Also it is safe for a heavy use and is trusted for a long lasting performance.


This Trust Classic BG-3680Cp laptop bag has a main compartment measuring about 45 x 420 x 325 mm and this is something large for a 17” notebook. Apart from the main section it has another compartment at the front, through which you can store some things like an iPod, a power cable, MP3 player, PDA, etc. The laptop compartment has a padded interior and so you will have a safe and secure protection for your laptop inside. Though the padding is not up to the mark, this bag is helpful when you are not the one who needs to take your laptop case along with you all the time. Also there are two pouches behind the laptop space allowing you to store some CDs or pens inside.

Dual Metal Zippers:

This bag comes with two durable metal zips and they are really very strong and sturdy. It gives you an excellent finish and moreover it is much smooth to the touch.

Carry handles & Strap:

The Trust Classic BG-3680Cp Laptop Bag has both carry handles and a shoulder strap. The handles are easy to hold up and it provides an immense balance when carrying around. The shoulder straps made by Velcro fasteners are very easy to use. Of course, velcro straps are meant for its durability and long lastingness. This laptop bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and this means you can adjust the strap as you require for a safe carry.


When you need a laptop bag for placing your laptop mostly at home or at times when you need to take them out this bag is the most suitable for you. However, this bag is not recommended if you need to travel a lot with your notebook. Over all, these bags are incredible for its quality and low price also it fulfills the purpose for what actually you need.

Trust Classic BG-3680Cp Notebook Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Trust
Model Name BG-3680CP Notebook Carry Bag Classic
Product Code 15649
Storage Capacity Up to 17.4″
Lightweight Yes
Exterior Dimension 4.5 x 41.3 x 31.5 cm
Laptop Dimension 45 x 420 x 325 mm
Material High strength Fabric
Padding Yes
Shoulder carrying strap Yes
Extra compartment Yes
Highlight features Padded interior
Dual metal zippers
Adjustable Velcro shoulder straps

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