Swissgear GA-7488-14F00 Saturn 17 inch Laptop Bag

When you are in need of a laptop bag that can fit in all your necessary items that you need to carry to your work place with lots of compartments and mind blowing quality, then the Swissgear GA-7488-14F00 Saturn 17 Inch Laptop Messenger Bag is a good choice. This is an excellent laptop bag for carrying your laptops or notebooks along with your day to day essentials like business cards, work documents, pens, etc. It can hold a 17” laptop much comfortably and they are simply very stylish giving you a professional and classy look. No matter whether you are a daily traveler or going on for an occasional trip, these are really your good companion.

Design features:

The Swissgear Saturn 17 Inch Laptop/Notebook Messenger Bag (Product code: GA-7488-14F00) looks amazing with a black and grey finish and measuring about 19 x 43.2 x 31.8 cm they can in no trouble place in a 17” laptop or a notebook. Also, with a weight 1.6 kg these are not as heavy as it could be and leaves you comfortable all through your way.

High quality material:

This laptop messenger bag is made of a high quality robust fabric which will ultimately maintain its durability for years. They are highly suitable for day to day use and withstand its look even after several years of use without any fatigue.


There are loads and loads of compartments with this bag for carrying all your necessary things. The large main compartment allows you to comfortably place your 17” laptop inside and they are very well padded with a Velcro Strap that keeps your laptop safe and secured even when dropped down at times. The bag includes a spacious file compartment which is large enough for placing A4 size folders and with the brilliant file divider you will be able to keep your documents and files neatly in an arranged sequence. The central zipped compartments are well protected with the front cover and they can be unzipped entirely through which you can place or remove things quite easily. All of the Trust laptop bags come with an ‘essential organizer pocket’ and as such this bag also has this pocket at the very front of the bag for storing your small, day to day items like mobile phone, MP3 Player, iPod, business cards, travel cards and pens. The bag also comes with a Quick Pocket for taking your things pretty easily that you need to reach quickly like travel tickets, iPod’s, some paper documents, etc. There is a zipped pocket at the back of the bag for placing power cords, cables and other such peripherals easily.

Carry handles & Shoulder Straps:

Apart from the compartments and quality, carrying the bags comfortably is a vital feature to note down. In such case, these bags are very comfortable to carry with you. The bag has both carry handles and shoulder straps that will serve the need. The carry handles on the top of the bag are ergonomically reinforced and can be used for carrying these bags in a briefcase style. And the tear-resistant shoulder strap enables you to have a safe and comfortable carry without showing much weight on your shoulder. They can be easily folded around the bag when you choose on the carry handles for travel. Also, the size of these handles is a permitted size for hand luggage in most of the air lines for added convenience.

Manufacturer Warranty:

The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty for this laptop bag against its manufacturing defects from the original date of purchase.


A very well built, solidly made laptop bag this has lots of compartments in it, so carrying all your official things is made very easy now. With a large main compartment it can hold laptops up to 17” much comfortably and the central zipped compartments are safe with the overlapping front cover that has secure snap closures. The robust quality material ensures a long term use even if you are taking them out daily. The carry handles and tear-resistant shoulder straps make your travel quite enjoyable with no much weight. On the whole, a brilliant purchase for the quality it has and a great value for the money incurred on it.

Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Swissgear
Model Name Saturn 17 Inch Laptop/Notebook Messenger Bag
Product code GA-7488-14F00
Material High quality fabric
Colour Black & Grey
Capacity Up to 17” laptops
Exterior dimension 19 x 43.2 x 31.8 cm
Padded Yes
Carry handles Yes
Shoulder straps Tear-resistant shoulder straps
Extra compartments Yes
Quick pocket Yes
Highlight features Padded interior with Velcro strap
Essential organizer pocket for storing daily essentials
Quick pocket for easy access
Permitted size hand luggage for airlines
Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

Trust 16527 Milano Laptop Bag with Mouse

Trust 15 to 16 inch Milano Laptop Bag and Mouse 16527 Review:

The Trust 16527 Milano Laptop Bag with Mouse is really a fantastic choice for woman who does need something exceptional when compared to others. Manufactured by Trust, this case is simply brilliant in its appeal and has an outstanding quality. Soon after we think the name Trust, we would get the idea of accessories that can be used on all your PC’s, Laptops and iPod’s. Their products have been used globally and since 25 years they are one of the leading producers of laptop cases and bags. Whatever the purpose, be it business or college or personal use you can always find the thing you are looking for. This bag is very stylish and you will be pride carrying it along with you.

Design features:

The Trust 15 to 16” Milano Laptop Bag and Mouse (Product Code: 16527) is amazing with a stylish and ergonomic design. Made with a high quality fabric this bag demands its durability all through. Measuring about 26.6 x 7 x 38.5 cm and a having weight of 671 gm this bag is very compact for all day use and also weighs much light. The mixture of vibrant colours makes this bag look great and soon after you see the bag you would definitely say awesome! The main compartment is large with a measurement of 355 x 260 x 60 mm and it holds laptops up to 16” without any trouble. Apart from that you will also get a colourful optical mouse along with the bag. The pink colour USB wire still is a treat for the feast.


This bag comes with a large main compartment that can hold laptops up to 16 inch much comfortably. This compartment is fully padded and hence your laptops are safe to the maximum. You need not worry the bag slipping down unfortunately, as your laptops are free from any damages. Not only a laptop there are still many space inside for keeping your keyboard, mouse, battery, cables and some papers. There are also some extra zippered compartments for storing your personal belongings. The metal fittings and the zipper pulls are really very well made and they stand for a long term use.

Carry handles & Shoulder straps:

The carry handles of this bag is very comfortable and feels good with a white colour finish. The shoulder straps are very well built in order to provide you a good support and a well balanced grip. Also they are adjustable for your convenience ensuring a safe carry.


If you are a person who wants to show yourself something stylish and fashionable then this laptop case will suit you the most. Having made with a high quality fabric this laptop bag stands apart for its durability. The large main compartment is very well padded, so your notebook sits comfortably inside and also is safer without any trouble. The extra zippered compartments with the metal fittings and zipper pulls are well made and also you have enough space inside for placing your power supply, cables and other peripherals too. The prominent advantage of this bag is that you will get a pretty optical mouse along with the purchase whereby both right and left hand users can use it comfortably. On the whole, an excellent value for money you will be highly satisfied with the purchase.

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Trust 16527 Milano Laptop Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Trust
Model Name Trust 15 to 16 inch Milano Laptop Bag and Mouse
Product code 16527
Storage capacity 15 to 16 inch
Exterior dimension 26.6 x 7 x 38.5 cm
Laptop dimension 355 x 260 x 60 mm
Material High quality fabric
Padding Yes
Shoulder carrying strap Yes
Extra compartment Yes
Highlight features Free Optical Mouse
High quality metal fittings & zipper pulls
Extra compartments for other personal belongings
Padded interior
Adjustable shoulder straps

Swissgear Hudson 15.4 inch Laptop Backpack Review

When you are looking for a laptop bag to fit in your 15.4” laptops then the Swissgear GA-7301-14F00 Hudson 15.4 Inch Laptop Backpack might be your right choice. Being made by Wenger, the manufacturer of genuine Swiss army knives, this product is for sure to complement strength and durability. Moreover, it is very trendy and gives you a classic appeal. There are lots of compartments and pockets to hold in your accessories with ease. Continue reading the review the know more about this laptop case.

Design features:

The Swissgear Hudson 15.4 Inch Laptop Backpack (Product Code: GA-7301-14F00) is a very compact and simple laptop bag you will fell delighted to use with. Measuring about 35.6 x 25.4 x 45.7 cm this bag fits in 15.4 inch laptops much comfortably. The boxed product weight of this bag is 1.4 kg and hence you will not feel it heavy even when carrying it for a long time. It comes with numerous pocket holders so it will be ideal for placing all your necessary accessories inside. Also they are capable of some expansion whereby you need not worry taking some further things with you.


Storage is not at all a chore with this bag because there are lots of spaces to keep all your things inside. There are two large main compartments with which you can carry all your work files, laptop, books, diaries, lunch box, mouse, camera, headphones, etc. Also this bag comes with a small pocket for holding your iPod and MP3 Player. This is considered much good while travelling because you can easily take up these small things out without having to search for. The laptop compartment inside is very well padded with the CaseBase stabilizer platform and so even if you unfortunately drop down the bag, your laptop will not get any damages. There are two water bottle holders at the side of the bag that adds to the convenience.

Handles & Shoulder Straps:

This Swissgear Hudson 15.4 inch Laptop bag comes with a Reinforced Ergonomic double carry handles which means you can simply move it around without having to do up the zip. This also protects your laptop from falling behind. The Tear Resistant shoulder straps are very comfortable and wide enough so that the bag will not be heavy when carrying around. Moreover, this bag has an Air Flow Back Padding in order to allow free flow of air at your back. No matter even when you load up the bag fully, you would never get wet behind in sweat.


If you are looking for a laptop case with a number of pockets and compartments then definitely you cannot go wrong with the Swissgear Hudson 15.4” laptop case. Besides it the addition of a separate pocket for iPod is really good. Not only an iPod, you can also take along some things like your travel tickets, MP3 Player, memory cards, etc. The laptop compartment is very well padded and ensures a good protection for your notebook, so need not worry about slip outs. Carrying it behind is pretty easy with comfortable handles and shoulder straps. Overall, an ergonomically designed well built notebook case that can be trusted for a long term use.

Swissgear Hudson 15.4 inch Laptop Backpack – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Swissgear
Model Name Swissgear Hudson 15.4 Inch Laptop Backpack
Product code GA-7301-14F00
Colour Black & Grey
Capacity 15.4″
Dimension 35.6 x 25.4 x 45.7 cm
Padding Air Flow Back Padding
Lightweight Yes
Highlight features iPod, MP3 Player pocket holder
CaseBase stabilizer platform
Reinforced ergonomic handles
Tear resistant comfortable shoulder straps
Air flow Backpack

Tech Air TABUN29M 15.6 inch Laptop Bag Review

Are you planning to purchase a laptop? Then definitely your purchase should include a laptop case for placing the laptop inside safely. You cannot carry your laptops simply in hands or some sort of bags that you have. A laptop case helps you a lot for carrying your laptops wherever you need.  When planning for a laptop case that fits your laptop and other necessary accessories fine then the Tech air 15.6″ laptop case with Shoulder Strap and Optical USB 2 Button Mouse might be your best choice. As we all know, Tech air is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality laptop cases and their products have a professional look with an elegant quality. As such this laptop case is something quite worthy for the value of money you spent. So, here we will let you know how this bag could give you the best.


The Tech air 15.6” Laptop Case (Product Code: TABUN29M) is a very simple laptop bag measuring about 420 x 295 x 105 mm. A classically styled clam case design, this bag has a neat and sturdy look providing you an outstanding quality. It weighs about 0.74 kg, and hence you will not feel this bag heavy even when lifting it with all your accessories inside. The notebook compartment measures about 390 x 270 x 40 mm whereby this bag is capable of holding laptops up to 15.6 inches. Made from a 500D Polyester, this laptop bag is much durable and also is trusted for many years to come. One of the major advantages of this bag is the availability of an Optical USB 2 Button Mouse. Yes, when you purchase this bag you will get a mouse absolutely for free! The optical mouse is a USB Plug and Play device and they come with a silver 800 dpi resolution.


This laptop case has a single main compartment for placing your laptop inside. Though you cannot keep several other things, it is wide enough to pace a 15.6” laptop comfortably. You need not worry slipping the bag down because the compartments are well padded inside to protect your laptop from any damages. Also there is a Velcro Strip at the main compartment for holding your laptop at its place. So your laptop will be safe inside even if you are travelling a lot. There is a Velcro fastened sleeve within the laptop compartment through which you can carry some of your paper works while travelling. This bag has a large compartment at the front side allowing you to place a few documents or some papers,  a power adapter and a mouse. They are very handy and you can even store some bits and pieces that you need to carry along with you. The zippers are really well made and  they are easy to hold in your hands.

Shoulder Strap & Carry Handle:

The handle of this laptop case is very easy to carry and they are of course safe to use when travelling. The shoulder straps are both adjustable and detachable type making your carry much more  comfortable. You can use whichever you feel better for your requirements.


The Tech air TABUN29M 15.6″ Laptop Bag is absolutely shower proof. This means you can wash and clean your bag throughout its lifetime to make it look like brand new.

Manufacturer Warranty:

This laptop case is covered under a lifetime warranty against its manufacturing defects, from the original date of purchase. Also the manufacturer provides 2 year warranty for the optical mouse.

In short:

The Tech air TABUN29M Laptop Notebook Bag is undoubtedly a reliable bag for its excellent quality. But when you are looking for a bag with lots of storage space and pockets then this bag definitely is not suitable for you. An optical mouse is a great addition to the product and moreover this bag is very lightweight, so you will probably feel comfortable carrying them in and around. On the whole, a simple and sturdy make this laptop bag is a good value for money.

Tech Air TABUN29M Laptop Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Tech air
Model Name 15.6″ Laptop Case
Product Code TABUN29M
Material Polyester
Compatibility Up to 15.6” laptops
External compartment 420 x 295 x 105 mm
Laptop compartment 390 x 270 x 40 mm
Available colour Black
Lightweight Yes
Interior padding Yes
Highlight features Free Optical USB 2 Button Mouse
Adjustable & Detachable Shoulder straps
Manufacturer Warranty Laptop case: Lifetime Warranty
Optical Mouse : 2 year Warranty

Trust Classic BG-3680Cp Notebook Carry Bag Review

Since many years of experience Trust has bring forth the reputation of manufacturing attractive and affordable laptop cases with a first class quality. The Trust 17” Notebook Carry Bag Classic BG-3680CP is a stylish and easy to use bag that can place in a 17 inch notebook much comfortably. A great value for money, this bag does the job for what you ought to pay.


The first thing you will notice about the Trust 17 inch Notebook Carry Bag Classic BG-3680CP (Product Code: 15649) is its simplicity. A very casual and neat bag this weighs much light and is easy to use along. The exterior dimensions are about 4.5 x 41.3 x 31.5 cm and this is a compact storage and carry bag suitable for laptop sizes up to 17.4 inches. It not only provides space for your notebook but also they are capable of holding all the other peripherals that come with your laptop. Being made of a high quality fabric it ensures strength and durability as well. Also it is safe for a heavy use and is trusted for a long lasting performance.


This Trust Classic BG-3680Cp laptop bag has a main compartment measuring about 45 x 420 x 325 mm and this is something large for a 17” notebook. Apart from the main section it has another compartment at the front, through which you can store some things like an iPod, a power cable, MP3 player, PDA, etc. The laptop compartment has a padded interior and so you will have a safe and secure protection for your laptop inside. Though the padding is not up to the mark, this bag is helpful when you are not the one who needs to take your laptop case along with you all the time. Also there are two pouches behind the laptop space allowing you to store some CDs or pens inside.

Dual Metal Zippers:

This bag comes with two durable metal zips and they are really very strong and sturdy. It gives you an excellent finish and moreover it is much smooth to the touch.

Carry handles & Strap:

The Trust Classic BG-3680Cp Laptop Bag has both carry handles and a shoulder strap. The handles are easy to hold up and it provides an immense balance when carrying around. The shoulder straps made by Velcro fasteners are very easy to use. Of course, velcro straps are meant for its durability and long lastingness. This laptop bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and this means you can adjust the strap as you require for a safe carry.


When you need a laptop bag for placing your laptop mostly at home or at times when you need to take them out this bag is the most suitable for you. However, this bag is not recommended if you need to travel a lot with your notebook. Over all, these bags are incredible for its quality and low price also it fulfills the purpose for what actually you need.

Trust Classic BG-3680Cp Notebook Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Trust
Model Name BG-3680CP Notebook Carry Bag Classic
Product Code 15649
Storage Capacity Up to 17.4″
Lightweight Yes
Exterior Dimension 4.5 x 41.3 x 31.5 cm
Laptop Dimension 45 x 420 x 325 mm
Material High strength Fabric
Padding Yes
Shoulder carrying strap Yes
Extra compartment Yes
Highlight features Padded interior
Dual metal zippers
Adjustable Velcro shoulder straps